Charles Childers

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Hi, I'm Charles Childers. Welcome to this little place where I share code, writings, and other things I'm interested in.

So a little about me: mid-30's, married, 4 sons. I enjoy a variety of things, both tech and analog. I'm a freelance programmer writing applications for Linux, web, and iOS. I love physical notebooks and fountain pens. I enjoy learning more of science and history, I read and listen to books (mostly via electronic means), brew fine teas, and listen to a wide variety of music.

For over a decade I've been mostly known for my work on Retro, a dialect of Forth. I've been involved with other projects over the years, including Reva, A Little Smalltalk, and Flat Assember. In recent years I've shifted a bit more towards the mainstream, making extensive use of C, Objective C, Python, and CoffeeScript.

Some Things I Work On: