## Hello Again It's been a while since my last blog entry, and a few things have happened since then. I think that having restarted the blog again I'll try to keep things a little more informal and comfortable. The first is that I've switched away from SquareSpace and begun using my stuff on my own servers again. SquareSpace wasn't bad, but has some issues that ended up pushing me to switch bacck to something lighter and simpler. I'm still setting some things up here, but it was time to make a break. The old blog posts will be hosted here soon. [Parable](/parable/) 1.0 is finished and available now. Work on further improvements and updates has already begun (the next release will incorporate such niceties as resolving pointers to headers and allowing reuse of function names among other things). Apologue 1.8 will be released soon. After this I intend to do a sigificant revision, hopefully ending with a significantly improved user interface and more integral tools to help make things more useful. On to more general life related stuff... My family and I took a trip to Florida to visit my grandmother between Christmas and New Years. It was significantly warmer than normal for this time of year. The travel was rough (sigificant traffic almost tripled our total drive time), but we enjoyed our stay and chance to break from the pressure of work and school. Upon returning I began a new role [at work](http://denneyelectricsupply.com/), now doing inside sales. I've now been doing this for a few weeks and I mostly enjoy it. (I still find phone conversations to be a bit uncomfortable, though this is slowly improving).