## Coding in the Aftermath of a Winter Storm A blizzard arrived Friday night. We have been comfortable enough in the house, but I like to get out when programming. We only have one desk, which the kids use, and the folding table that I use sometimes was otherwise occupied with things my second child received at his birthday party on Friday. Getting out is beneficial since it tends to be quieter and less rushed - no one is interrupting me when I'm out. But with the snow still here (the person who was supposed to plow our parking lot hasn't been by yet), I've pushed them all away from the desk so I can do a little work. So, here's what's up: * I fixed a couple of small issues with the scripts that (re)build the website from the source files. * I cleaned up and pushed an updated *listener.py* for [Parable](/parable/). This has been overdue; it now recognizes the standard data types for stack display, handles multiple lines with \ for joining, and should be a bit easier to extend further in the future * I updated my Amoeba experiment to use the latest Parable and handle several potential crash situatios better * I was asked about strings with multiple spaces in Parable. This works for me: 'a b \ c \ \ d' Not a lot of work, but at least a little progress. Tomorrow I should be back to work at [Denney Electric Supply](http://denneyelectricsupply.com/). I'll try to get a little time in on projects over the lunch break and before work starts. Though with [public transportation](http://septa.org) currently down, I don't know if this will actually happen.