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Parable & Python.3

Until now Parable has supported Python 2, but not Python 3. For my purposes this was satisfactory, but it's not always ideal. Python 3 is clearly the future, and so I've decided to rectify this.

My main purpose in keeping Python 2 support around is Pythonista, an iOS implementation of Python. I can't quite drop this yet, but with the Parable as a Service stuff taking form and workflow improvements I've been able to make thanks to iOS 9's multitasking features it's become less important.

Starting today I'll be developing and testing primarily under Python 3. I'm making some small concessions to ensure that things continue to work under Python 2, but it's time to make the switch.

The core (, pre, listener, and allegory have been updated. I'll be updating the apologue backend, legend, and the PaaS code to work with Python 3 in the next few days.