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Parable: Tracking Development

I'm now trying to use the Github Issue Tracker to help me keep track of requests and development tasks.

Up to now I've had a couple of text files and some handwritten notes. Last month I began to move my handwritten notes into Notability on my iPad, allowing me to quickly write down ideas and keep them accessible as I work. I decided to try using the issue tracker instead of the text notes as it'll provide a bit more visibility into what I'm doing, and maybe make it easier to track progress.

The initial work I'm doing is on the virtual machine. In Parable there have been a lot of global arrays used for the stack, dictionary, and memory. I really want to reduce these.

So far I've reimplemented the stack (now a single array of value, type pairs) and am mostly finished the dictionary (now an array of name, slice pairs).

I still need to clean up the dictionary code a bit further before I tackle the next big thing: the memory.