## Lots of Repositories I've decided to split the main [Parable](/parable) repository into multiple smaller repostories. This is intended to make things more manageable for me in the long run. I recently ran into a dilemma. Work on refactoring the VM has lead to periods where the interfaces aren't working properly as updates to them lagged behind. This is annoying to my users, but having to update all of them at once is time consuming. My solution is to split development into multiple smaller repositories. There's now a top level **dist** directory with the interfaces and a stable *parable.py* and *stdlib.p*. These are updated via a script which pulls in the latest copies from the individual repos for each interface. With this I can deliver a set of interfaces that are only updated when they are brought current with the latest Parable sources. So they may lag slightly behind the bleeding edge, but you can expect them to be pretty stable at all points. A full list of repositories will be added to the main Parable pages later this week.