## October 30, 2016 I'm working on updates to my iOS apps and one new one. It's not going as smoothly as I had hoped. Interface Builder & Storyboards are proving to be very problematic. I've had problems with it in the past, but at this point am ready to give it up completely. I was working on a fairly simple single screen app for use with [Nga](/nga/) and [Retro 12](/rx/). But once I had the layout mostly working I went to make a small change related to the constraints. After this the app began crashing on startup. I tried reversion to a previous version, rebuilding the interface from the ground up, and ultimately wasted several hours without making any headway. This morning I restarted, building the interface entirely in code. So far it's working smoothly. I still have some things to do: a couple more buttons, color scheme management, fonts, and resizing the input areas when the keyboard is displayed. But the core of the view is done, working, and it's tied into the Nga VM and Rx kernel. In the next couple of days I'll bring in code from Unu to let me use Markdown formatting in the code area and then I can begin doing some real testing. Apologue is overdue for an update. I'm trying to get it working with the latest Parable. To save time I'm using an updated version of the old backend rather than the PaaS code. This is going slowly. Due to changes in iOS 10 I need to get HTTPS working (it's setup, but there are apparently still some issues I haven't fully worked out yet) and test on an IPv6 only network. I'm going to be delving into the App Transport Security docs more heavily and hope to get a beta out soon. The other apps are simpler. Retro 11 will have an update soon with the latest image and some bug fixes. (Beta testing has begun with the code changes, but not the newest image yet). Bedside Clock will have an update in the near future with support for iPad Pro. The others will see updates by the end of November.