March 19, 2017 Website I've made another shift on this space. Rather than continuing with the web, I'm moving to an older, less complex protocol: gopher. This has some benefits to me. It's all plain text based, and the less complex protocol means I don't have the same headaches with rendering and layouts. It's also much easier now for me to work on it from my iPad, which I greatly prefer. Over the next day or two the DNS will point to the new gopher server instead of the old http server. I'm moving content over here as time allows, and will maintain the old server as for the current time. Since gopher isn't widely supported, this space is also available via http on the standard port 80. It's just an HTML rendered interface to the gopher based content though. -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ Some notes on my projects: Parable: Parable is currently on hold. I haven't had time for multiple projects and it hasn't been successful enough to be a significant focus. I will be revisiting it later this year once I'm able to stabilize some things happening in my life. Retro: Retro 12 is continuing active development. As my longest running project (and the most popular), this gets a fair amount of my free time. I'm working on two fronts. A Linux version, modeled after Parable's *pre* interface is being worked on. This will have some I/O for files and sockets, and I'll use it for a lot of my backend and server tasks in the coming months. The other is iOS. Retro continues to do well in the app store and covers the costs of the Apple development program and some of my hosting expenses now. In a few weeks I'll have 2017.3 out, with some further UI improvements (including some highlighting to visually indicate the code areas as opposed to the documentation areas of source). I'm looking into exposing more iOS functionality through Retro, though this will take time to make sure things are sandboxed enough for App Review. Little Smalltalk: LSTv2 now works on 64-bit Linux thanks to Blake McBride.