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Personal Projects



My personal Forth. Lots of interesting updates soon.

* Expanded Documentation
* New I/O model
* Revamped iOS implementation
* `ri` interface supporting multiple images

In 2019 I hope to get the bootable x86 version to support
hard disk and some additional I/O, with a UI similar to
ri. Also looking into doing x86-64 and ARM (RPi) versions.

The macOS version will be updated, but not get any UI
updates until next Summer at earliest.



* [S] TUI: a lightweight server wrapper (C)
* [S] ATUA: a lightweight Gopher server (Forth)
* [S] ATUA-WWW: a lightweight web server (Forth)
* [A] CASKET: a HTTP/1.0 server (Forth)
* [S] TUPORO: Forth blocks via Gopher (Forth)
* [S] CONTRITION: Gopher indexing & search (Python)
* [I] "bridge": unnamed http to gopher proxy (Python)
* [S] PAOPAO: Reddit, via Gopher (Python)
* [I] NECROPOLIS: File storage & retrieval (Forth)
* [S] GOPHERDON Mastodon via Gopher (Python)
* [R] Add Gopher support to NetBSD (C)
ftp client

* [S] RETRO 11 (Various, Forth)
* [S] RETRO 12 (C, Forth)
* [I] Tarakona (C, Forth)
* [I] PARABLE (Python)

* [S] RETRO 11 (C, Obj-C, Forth)
* [S] RETRO 12 (C, Obj-C, Forth)
* [S] Secure Passphrase Generator (Objective-C)
* [S] Gopher Client (Objective-C)
* [A] Kaputi (Objective-C)
* [S] Tip Tabulator (Objective-C)
* [S] Paipera (Objective-C)
* [S] Bedside Clock (Objective-C)
* [X] Apologue (Objective-C, Python)
* [S] Tauru Keyboard (Objective-C)
* [I] Tarakoa (C, Obj-C, Forth)
DC Comtech

Working to retire all PHP code and replace with Python.

* [S] PARA (Queue) (Python, PHP, Forth, Obj-C)
* [S] PARA (Calendar) (Python)
* [S] PARA (Cycle Counts) (Objective-C)
* [S] PARA (Wire Cut Labeler) (Objective-C)
* [I] PARA (Delivery Tracking) (Python, Objective-C)
* [R] PARA (Shipment Labeling)
* [I] PARA (Reporting) (Python, PHP)
* [S] Quip API integrations (Python)

* [A] Watt Tally (Python, Objective-C)
(JavaScript, Forth)

Goals: remove all use of PHP


* [S] A Little Smalltalk (C, Smalltalk)
* [I] Untitled arcade game (Python, Objective-C)
* [I] Golem (tile based game engine) (Python)
* [I] LISP system for iOS
* [I] PL/0 Language Tools (Python)
* [I] PL/0 in RETRO (Forth)
* [I] Handwired 30% ergo keyboard (Hardware, C)
* [S] Gopher client in Retro (Forth)
* [S] Text editor in Retro (Forth)
Future Ideas

* [ ] Fossil SCM via Gopher
forthworks.com:80 / atua-www / running on retro