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Retro is a concatenative, stack based language with roots in Forth. It is designed to be small, easily learned, and easily modified to meet specific needs, it has been developed and refined through continual use by a small community over more than a decade.

Of all my projects, this is the most well known. I've been working with Retro since 2001 and have guided it through seven major versions. During this time it has evolved from a 32-bit x86 assembly implementation running on raw hardware to a self hosted implementation running on a highly portable virtual machine called Ngaro.

The 11.x releases of Retro are considered stable. Small changes and improvements are being made, but releases are infrequent and should not break any existing code. Bugs reported will be fixed as soon as possible.

Also check out RETRO 12 for the latest implementation. Note that RETRO 12 is a complete rewrite and is not compatible with existing code.

Get Retro

There are a couple of options:

What Link
Latest Release Retro 11.7.1
iOS App Retro for iOS
Repository bzr branch lp:retro-language
Browser Run Retro