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RETRO is a modern, pragmatic Forth drawing influences from many sources.

This is the development repository where the latest changes are kept.

If you want to get a copy of this repository locally, try:

fossil clone retro.fossil
mkdir retro
cd retro
fossil open /path/to/retro.fossil

If you prefer git, a mirror (updated hourly) is available:

A snapshot of this repository is generated nightly and is available at

Note: this repository does not currently support cloning via HTTPS.

Getting Help


Join #retro on

If you ask a question, please be patient. The channel has large idle times, but it is publicly logged (see and I generally try to answer questions in a reasonable time period.

You can also reach me via Mastodon:



Or via email:

Please read the documentation before asking questions.

Bug Reports

Bugs can be reported via the IRC channel, by sending me a message on Mastodon, or via email.