Welcome to ForthWorks! Hi, I'm Charles Childers. This is my personal corner of the gopherspace, where I provide some of my programming projects, writings, and information on other things I'm interested in. _______________________________________________________________ General Information TXT About Me [DIR] Projects & Plans [DIR] Phlog Programming Languages [DIR] Retro: a modern, pragmatic dialect of Forth [DIR] Nga: a minimal instruction set, stack based vm [DIR] Little Smalltalk [DIR] Parable: a typed, stack based language [DIR] Forth Resources Gopher [DIR] Atua: a Gopher server [DIR] Search the Gopherspace with Contrition [DIR] Paopao: Reddit, via Gopher TXT Server Information TXT Logging Policy [DIR] All Selectors On This Server [DIR] Gopher Starting Point iOS [DIR] iOS Apps I've Written Other [DIR] Keto [DIR] TUI [DIR] Tuporo [DIR] Gopherdon [DIR] Necropolis _______________________________________________________________ This server is running Atua, a gopher server, written in RETRO, a Forth dialect I implemented. Some additional services (e.g., the Contrition search tool) are written in Python.