[DIR] Forthworks ______________________________________________________________________ I write iOS applications. As much as possible, these are highly focused tools intended to solve specific problems in a clean, efficient way. ______________________________________________________________________ Paid Apps HTM $1.99 RETRO FORTH 11 & 12 Bundle HTM $1.99 RETRO FORTH 12 HTM $0.99 RETRO FORTH 11 HTM $1.99 Gopher Client HTM $0.99 Secure Passphrase Generator ______________________________________________________________________ Free Apps HTM FREE Tip Tabulator HTM FREE Paipera - KJV Bible HTM FREE Bedside Clock HTM FREE Kaputi - Tea Timer ______________________________________________________________________ If you are interested in helping to test betas of these or future apps, reach out to me via email (crc at forthworks dot com), twitter (@crcx), IRC (I'm crc in #retro on irc.freenode.net) or via reddit (/u/_crc).