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Nga is a lightweight, stack based virtual machine with a MISC inspired
instruction set. It's intended as a successor to Ngaro, the VM behind
Retro 10 & 11.


* Small core (under 250 lines of C code)
* Extensible design
* 27 core instructions
* No enforced I/O requirements
* All code, documentation, and binaries are provided under the
ISC License.

The core Nga toolchain includes the virtual machine, an assembler, a
Forth-style preprocessor, build tools, and example interface layer
showing custom instructions and I/O functionality. This is all written
in C. There is also a disassembler written in Python 3.

Repository: https://github.com/crcx/nga.git


 TXT  Nga Source
 TXT  Naje Assembler Source
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