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# iOS

- RETRO 12

The 2017.6 release is now available on the App Store. I am now shifting
focus towards iOS 11 enhancements like drag and drop.

 HTM  $1.99 RETRO FORTH 12

- Gopher Client for iOS

The second version of the Gopher client is now available. It supports
directories, text files, images, and Veronica-2. I'm preparing to
start work on handling other file types and making some UI

 HTM  $0.99 Gopher Client

- RETRO 11

I'm hoping to wrap up work on an update bringing the RETRO 12 UI to
RETRO 11 later this week. This is the first step towards some upcoming
projects and will let me reduce my overall maintenance headaches a

This update is pending review. Update: rejected; will resubmit soon.

- Secure Passphrase Generator

I've begun working on an update for this. It'll add a couple more
wordlists, expose settings via the app, and fix a bug that sometimes
causes the app to crash.

Projected completion: 8/1

- Golem

This is a 2D tile-driven game engine I'm writing with my two oldest
children as a teaching exercise. It's in Python (using the Pythonista

Projected completion: August


I'm writing some custom software for the electrical wholesale industry
(my day job). This is mostly to resolve pain points I encounter daily,
but will hopefully have some longer term benefits.

These are a mixture of browser based and iOS applications.

The things I'm working on include:

- Order status tracking (done)
- A tool to aid in doing a physical inventory (done)
- Scheduling & calendar tools (done)
- Realtime delivery tracking
- Wire randoms tracking (PC: 8/1)
- Quick reference tools


# Upcoming

- Parable and Apologue

I've set aside work on making an embeddable Parable. It's too big for
me to do effectively, and I don't have the time currently. But I love
the language even though it's failed to catch on. (RETRO is *far* more

So I'm going to do something different. I'll be rewriting the core
language in either Objective-C or Swift, and building a new Apologue
using this. This will make it a bit faster in most cases, and will
finally let it be used offline.

- Other Languages

I'll be using the RETRO 12 interface to bring other languages to iOS.
My short list includes a LISP dialect, Little Smalltalk, and a more
conventional Forth.

- RETRO 12 for macOS

I have a prototype of the RETRO 12 interface running on macOS. One of
my projects over the summer will be to finish this up and release it.

- Gopher

I'll be doing a lot with Gopher in the second half of the year. I've
begun initial work on a search engine, www bridge, and data storage
system. It will also play a role in RETRO, as I'm going to have a
basic package system using it as a backend.

Work has begun on:

- HTTP to Gopher bridge
- Search tool

- eBooks

I have a personal ebook library that I manage using a custom tool I
wrote several years ago. I'm going to rebuild this into a much more
flexible thing in the future.

It'll support the same things, but move away from PHP (ugh) and give
me what I want: access to my library, editing of content and metadata,
exporting in multiple formats, automatic DRM removal, and an
associated reading application. Following my current tendencies with
regards to formats, the books will be stored as text (using Markdown
or ReStructured Text) and converted on the fly to ePub, Mobi, HTML,
and other formats.

This *might* be something I share if there's interest.

forthworks.com:80 / atua-www / running on retro
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