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As of March 2017, I'm exposing my personal projects and content
via Gopher.

Gopher is a simple protocol for burrowing through TCP/IP. It's
simpler than HTTP, and presents an ideal solution for my needs.

I work almost entirely with ASCII or UTF-8 text. This has
increased in recent years, thanks to things like Markdown,
which provide a pretty nice formatting language that looks ok
in plain text formats. I've never been fully happy with the
process of HTML generation though.

Gopher allows me to provide a structured interface to the
content I create without needing to go through HTML. And it's
usable in a pinch with nothing more than a telnet client.

My primary computer is an iPad. I find this to be ideal for my
needs: it's very portable, with varied interactions (both
keyboard and touch). I'm using Panic's Transmit app to maintain
a local copy of this gopherspace. With this I can make edits,
add content, then quickly upload to the remote server via SFTP.

On my server I am running two Gopher servers. On port 70 I run
Atua, a simple Gopher server written in Retro, my personal
Forth dialect. On port 80 I run atua-www, which is a quick and
dirty HTTP server that exposes my gopherspace to standard web


 TXT  RFC 1436
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If you have an old link that doesn't work now, try prefixing it
with www. - e.g., www.forthworks.com points to the older www
server instead of this gopher server.
forthworks.com:80 / atua-www / running on retro