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I write iOS applications. As much as possible, these are highly focused
tools intended to solve specific problems in a clean, efficient way.

Latest Updates

Coming Soon:

Work on RETRO 12, 2017.12 is under way.

I am looking into adding some options to the Bedside Clock to help
reduce the chance of burn-in on the OLED display of the iPhone X.

October 2017:

RETRO 12, 2017.11 is out. This has the latest image adding the new
`s:evaluate` word, a `gopher:get` to match the standard system, and
numerous bug fixes including corrections to two examples and a rewrite
of `ui:get-input` which fixes an issue causing crashes.

The Gopher client was updated with support for direct searches using
either Veronica 2 or Contrition, bookmarks, and animated GIF support.

RETRO 11 had a small update that fixed some readability issues and
added support for iTunes File Sharing and the iOS Files app.

September 2017:

Paipera and Tip Tabulator have new, more readable color schemes and
were been rebuilt to better support iOS 10 & 11.

I've rebuilt the backend of the Gopher Client to improve stability
and rendering. It also now allows for access to servers running on
ports other than 70.

The Passphrase app has multiple new word lists and a bunch of bug
fixes. It also now allows for some reordering of the generated phrase.

RETRO has seen the biggest updates. It has a new interface with a much
improved dark color scheme, stability improvements, documentation now
separated from files, support for dragging and dropping code between
the editor and other editors. (You can also drag and drop code into
Files to save code outside of RETRO). This release also adds support
for iTunes File Sharing, so you can use your Mac or PC to backup and
import code. The documentation has been expanded and updated, and the
language has been updated to the 2017.9 image. As a final note, the
Gopher support has been enhanced to allow for accessing servers on
ports other than 70.

All of these also have updated icons designed by Arland Childers.

Paid Apps

 HTM  $1.99 RETRO FORTH 11 & 12 Bundle
 HTM  $1.99 RETRO FORTH 12
 HTM  $0.99 RETRO FORTH 11
 HTM  $0.99 Gopher Client
 HTM  $0.99 Apologue
 HTM  $0.99 Secure Passphrase Generator

Free Apps

 HTM   FREE Tip Tabulator
 HTM   FREE Paipera - KJV Bible
 HTM   FREE Bedside Clock
 HTM   FREE Kaputi - Tea Timer

If you are interested in helping to test betas of these or future apps,
reach out to me via email (crc at forthworks dot com), twitter (@crcx),
IRC (I'm crc in #retro on irc.freenode.net) or via reddit (/u/_crc).

Future Apps and Ideas

The next new app will be classic Forth system. I'm using a lot of the
UI from RETRO 12, but building in something modeled after Forth'83 and

RETRO 12 will have another update in the next few weeks that should
add support using RETRO with the File app. I'm also working to bring
a RETRO 11 environment into the RETRO 12 interface.
forthworks.com:80 / atua-www / running on retro