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A Little Smalltalk

A Little Smalltalk is a non-standard implementation of the Smalltalk Language. It was originally created by Timothy Budd and documented in a book also called A Little Smalltalk.

The original releases were made under a number of different licenses. Danny Reinhold had setup a project seeking to maintain and further develop them. This effort fizzled out, but significant progress was made including development of a graphical user interface.

I was involved in the revival efforts, though I focused almost entirely on updating the older releases to work on modern systems.

Code for versions 1 through 5 can be found on my github repository.

To quickly obtain this, just do:

git clone

But for fans of A Little Smalltalk, a new branch brings some life back to the project. LLST, a LLVM Smalltalk is now being developed. It is binary compatible with the ALST v4 images, but is written in C++ (instead of C). It also has a JIT compiler, making it much faster than the old C implementations.

I am not tied to this implementation (I don't work with C++, and the code is GPL'd, which I prefer to not use), but it looks like a really good base for those interested in this language.