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RETRO is a Forth dialect drawing influences from many sources. It uses
some, but not all of Chuck Moore's newer ideas. It's clean, elegant,
and tiny. It may not have many features, and it may not be particularly
useful by itself, but it's easy to grasp and easily adapted to various

 BIN  The current version is Retro 12 (Rx-2017.5)

 BIN  Nightly Snapshot (tar.gz)
 BIN  Nightly Snapshot (.zip)
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The latest release contains the source (extracted from the literate
sources in the repository) and a simple interface layer providing a
command line interpeter.

 TXT  Notes on the Language
 TXT  Glossary
 TXT  Notes on the RRE Interface
 TXT  Notes on the Listener
 TXT  Words by Namespace


 TXT  Historical: Design Philosphy of RETRO Native Forth
 TXT  Historical: On The Naming of RETRO
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The primary discussion methods are Twitter (I'm @crcx) and IRC. You
can join #retro on irc.freenode.net to join in. Lots of idle time, with
occasional bursts of conversation.

The channel is looged at http://tunes.org/~nef/logs/retro and a mirror
is provided via gopher.

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