[DIR] Forthworks

RETRO is a clean, elegant, and pragmatic dialect of Forth. It provides
a simple alternative for those willing to make a break from legacy

The language draws influences from many sources including traditional
Forth systems, cmForth, colorForth, Factor, and Parable. It was
designed to be easy to grasp and adapt to specific uses.

The basic language is very portable. It runs on a tiny virtual
machine (Nga), which is written in C. There are multiple interface
options, the main one (rre) is buildable with just the standard C
compiler and libraries on most systems (tested at various points
on Linux, NetBSD, macOS, and Windows, on x86, x86-64, PPC [emulated],
and various ARM processors).

Download Source

These include source code, documentation, and some examples.

 BIN  Latest Release (2018.4.20, .tar.gz)
 BIN  Latest Release (2018.4.20, .zip)
 BIN  Nightly Snapshot
 TXT  Recent Changes
[DIR] Prior Versions


 BIN  macOS (2018.4; disk image w/docs, samples, binary)
 BIN  DOS (2018.4; x86)
 BIN  Windows (2018.4; x86, x86-64, .NET)

Packages & Ports

NetBSD pkgsrc: lang/forth-retro
LiteBSD: lang/retro12
FreeBSD: lang/retro12

Commercial versions for iOS and macOS are available as well. These
run the same image and virtual machine as the source release, but
add a custom editor-centric interface and some additional tweaks to
make them more useful on their respective platforms.

 HTM  RETRO for macOS


 TXT  Notes on the Language
 TXT  Glossary
 TXT  Notes on the RRE Interface
 TXT  Historical: Design Philosophy of RETRO Native Forth
 TXT  Historical: On The Naming of RETRO

Newest Additions to the docs:

[DIR] Glossary Browser
 HTM  Glossary Browser
 TXT  Notes on Evolution of Ngaro into Nga
 TXT  Notes on Metacompilation & Assembly
 TXT  Notes on Kernel Wordset
 TXT  Notes on Prefixes as a Language Element
 TXT  Future Projects

Development is tracked using a Fossil repository.

Clone the repo:

fossil clone http://forthworks.com:8000 retro.fossil

And open it:

mkdir retro
cd retro
fossil open /path/to/retro.fossil

The nightly snapshots are directly taken from this repository.


I can be reached:

- @crcx on Twitter
- @crc@mastodon.social on Mastodon
- /r/forth on reddit (/u/_crc)
- #retro on irc.freenode.net (look for crc)

The IRC channel is looged at http://tunes.org/~nef/logs/retro and a
mirror is provided via gopher:

[DIR] IRC Channel Logs
forthworks.com:80 / atua-www / running on retro